About Me

Cecilia is a passionate, Swedish-Armenian artists, athlete and animal-lover. She grew up in athletics, playing every sport from tennis to rugby and enjoying every outdoor activity she could find. In high school, however, she was introduced to the theatre and made the decision to pursue the arts instead of lacrosse. Her teammates turned into fellow actors, her coach became her director, and her life switched gears.


Cecilia was drawn to the arts because she believes that theatre teaches people about life and connection as it exposes the most vulnerable aspects of the human condition. In order to channel her beliefs and passions, Cecilia is pursuing a BFA in Theatre Performance at Chapman University alongside a minor in Psychology to aid in her better understanding of human interaction in accordance with the arts. 


Having gained experience and knowledge throughout her four years in school, she has developed her interests within the theatre and beyond– expanding her horizons to costume design, directing, and producing.


She most recently finished directing and designing a one-act called DNA, performing in her BFA Senior Showcase, and graduating from Chapman University.


Cecilia enjoys being outdoors and returning back to her athletic roots. She also loves spending time with her family and taking time each day to dive deeper into her art. Cecilia recently moved to LA and is currently an intern at Lexikat Artists in Beverly Hills.